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9 Modern Wedding Ideas That Just Make Sense

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9 Modern Wedding Ideas That Just Make Sense

Weddings have been one of the most festive and celebratory events in a couple and their family’s life. In some cases, it’s a significant milestone that precedes family and retirement. It’s the beginning of the rest of you and your partner’s life. While some prefer to outfit their special day with unconventional themes, for us going modern is not only a power move, but a great way to show off your finesse in making something overdone becomes fresh and new again. 

For couples living in the present and have a knack for following the latest trend, then a contemporary wedding theme would suit their tastes perfectly. If you and your partner are part of that dominating majority, then what’s the best way to showcase your love for the here and now than to reflect it on your wedding day? Hosting the greatest ultramodern wedding to remember is not an easy feat, which is why we’ll walk you through making it a dream come true. 

Idea #1: Ghost Chairs (No, It’s Not Halloween!)

Can you scream modern louder than when you place your guests in these transparent, chic, and comfortable chairs? Originally made by Phillipe Starck, a French industrial designer and architect, this trendy chair finds its roots way, way back to King Louis XV's armchair existing in the late 1700s. Only this time, it's entirely made up with clear polycarbonate or acrylic. Some even use vellum, concrete and even mimic lucite for a less transparent feel. 

The reason it's called a ghost chair is due to its see-through nature. Hence it can mean these chairs are meant to blend in the background and make the decor pop out more. You might think it doesn't add to the theme compared to normal chairs you can outfit in a white sheet and some flowers and silk, but that's where you're mistaken. After all, ghost chairs didn't trend if they didn't look absolutely elegant in outdoor weddings and matched with nature themes. 

Some couples don’t like seeing traditional chairs around as they add to the clutter of the venue, which is why ghost chairs shine the way they do. And with a whole lot of designs you can choose, from vintage to odd designs, they can be a versatile addition to your wedding. Of course, they only carry the illusion of being absent, but it helps to keep the place organized and clean. It can lead to your reception looking more open and become more visually appealing. 

Idea #2: Say No To A Monochrome Bridal Party!

Matching one color with your girl gang is so early 2000s and should be a rule ultimately overwritten. According to modern couples striving to reflect it in their wedding theme, the first tradition they'd like to get rid of is the matching uniforms of the groom and bridal party. In this day and age, letting your friends pick their desired dresses and designs (given they still follow a certain color scheme) is in and creates a happier, more harmonious bond than otherwise. 

For the bride, this feature can give the whole wedding a fanciful and laid-back atmosphere. She can have everyone follow a bi or tri-color scheme and allow them printed gowns as well. This can be done with the groomsmen as well, and even get playful using ties with designs, or outfit themselves with a tophat! In the end, when everyone is happy with their own choice of clothing, it will turn out to be an elegant yet mischievous picture. 

Idea #3: A Minimalist Wedding Gown

For many modern-day brides, an overbearing amount of frills and sparkles is a no-no, which is why many of them opt for their gowns to be as minimalistic in style and design as possible. Her gown of a simple yet elegant cut, straight lines, with no wrinkles anywhere can be a sight to behold both in person and during her photoshoot. Amongst the crowd of colors and designs, the bride can easily stand out in her simple garb, and she does so without even trying. 

Idea #4: Make A Statement With Stationery

Do you know you can make a good impression on your guests without even seeing them until the saved date? The only way to do that is through your stationery, which should reflect every bit of the atmosphere you want to convey during the event. It should also align with the theme, so if you wish to do a minimalist wedding, your invitation should be crisp and clean, with brief words of the time, date, place, and dress code. 

Of course, for a couple that wishes to have a contemporary wedding, the simpler your stationery is, the better. However, this doesn't mean you'll send them cheap paper and an almost empty invitation. You can also add elements present in the wedding, such as a color in your palette. Having a scripted metallic, You're Invited can be one way to remain contemporary and at the same time chic. 

Another way would be to add a small design in congruence to your wedding theme. If you’re going nature-themed, add a small botanical plant printed in black and white. If you’re having an art deco theme, add a splash of color and metallic-embedded shapes to show off an abstract design. You can find many ways to match your stationery to your special day, such as the type of paper, the font, and the designs. 

Idea #5: Greenery Instead Of Florals

The contemporary style relies heavily on the highlighted themes you put out, such as color and centerpieces. Florals have been one element that endured for many centuries, so wedding experts specializing in modern themes suggest switching greenery with flora. You heard it right! You can show off a lot of types of greenery, from herbs that emanate a fresh smell (mint) to showing off your non-flowering cactuses. 

This idea gives a new meaning to fresh and new to modern themes and adds a sense of peace and calm around the place as well. You can also request for vines and other foliage that hangs around the venue to be placed up instead of silk or cloth for the decor. 

Idea #6: Breathtaking Scenery As Your Venue

Albeit one of the uncommon choices, setting up your wedding against a great scenery, where you don't have to spend money and time when mother nature had provided them for free, this can be undeniably contemporary. Not only is it an idea something modern couples would think of, but it also leaves you and your partner as the focal point of the whole event. Forget the breathtaking decor. You'll want all the attention and celebration to focus directly on the two of you. 

Idea #7: Tweak Your Cuisine A Bit

Can your wedding be called chic and modern if your food is the same old ordinary catered cuisine? Throw that tradition away and let your guests taste something different and unique during your wedding. Instead of an all-out buffet, you can provide them with hors d’oeuvres and other treats paired with wine, or deck out your large wooden trays and come up with the greatest (and largest) charcuterie board! 

Another idea would be to have an all-cheese buffet. You can serve a variety of cheese with fruits and grapes and wine on the side, or serve take-out food laden with cheese, such as pizza, burgers, or fries! However, before going forward with this idea, you should assess your crown and make sure none of them is lactose intolerant. 

Idea #8: Use Black To Accent The White

Want a striking, simple, and clean look for your modern wedding? One way to achieve that is to incorporate black into the all-white theme you have going on. This will create a contrast that appears trendy, chic, and contemporary! Pair it with black marble in the venue and white roses for the centerpiece, and you have a minimalist wedding that looks and feels extravagant and classy. 

What’s great about this idea is its versatility, as it can be used in decor, food, venue, and even the bride and groom themselves. If this color is incorporated in every aspect of the wedding (the guests included), it can paint a very sophisticated atmosphere in the pictures. If you and your partner are short on funds and want an exorbitant-looking wedding without trying to spend an insane amount of money, then this idea will help you greatly. 

Idea #9: Keep Your Wedding Device-Free

Despite contemporary meaning technology is inevitably present, opt for your guests to keep away from their devices and focus on the celebration at hand. All the documentation will be done by the professionals around the venue, including family pictures, pictures with the bride and groom, and the whole ceremony that took place. 

Guests that take pictures or even videotape will not only distract the bride and groom but take the guest themselves away from the event taking place. A booth where you can surrender your phones and claim them after the ceremony can be put up, or just put a small sign on each table as a reminder to every visitor present in the venue.

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