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9 Unconventional Wedding Theme Ideas

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9 Unconventional Wedding Theme Ideas

Many centuries ago, churches have deemed weddings to be a sacred ceremony between two consenting individuals. First, it's nothing more than formalities, but as time passed on, this event has turned into more than just a ceremony to oversee the formal union, but a celebration of love between a couple. Thus, traditions arose, such as the throwing of the bouquet, slicing of the cake, and the whole reception right after the ceremony. 

Today, weddings can become one of the most important milestones in one’s life. Though it’s not the unconventional milestone of many career-driven women, your theme during this very special day can certainly be just that. After all, it’s you and your spouse’s day, so the planning and the theme rely entirely on the decision between the both of you. Why not start your married life together with a bang? 

1. The Wizard Of Oz

Does your spouse love classic fairytales, and you share the same sentiment? Consider infusing Wizard of Oz in your wedding theme and have a blast with your color palette of emerald green, yellow, and even red! Don’t worry about the colors being all over the place, as this just serves to highlight the theme even more, especially when you walk down that yellow carpet with your ruby red heels on. Even your guests who love The Wizard Of Oz will get the reference easily! 

As for your decor, embellish your tables with antiques and other vintage stuff that give you that old yet mystical feel. Of course, as replicating the emerald city is far from feasible, the least that can be done is to deck out fancy silverware and other utensils to highlight the posh, luxurious atmosphere of the gem-studded city. And for the dress? If the bride doesn’t feel white that day, a white and blue checkered or gingham dress will certainly fit the theme like a glove. 

2. All-Black Gothic

Perhaps one of the most common unconventional ideas for your theme, all-black goth, is now both a paradox of being the most acceptable unorthodox theme out there. Typically done at dusk or nighttime, the ceremony and the reception is a sight to behold (as long as you're not against a Halloween-y atmosphere). 

The color palette is, of course, black, but you can add some metallic highlights, such as silver and gold. Some even incorporate red to have that vampire theme going on, but most gothic couples prefer to keep the ceremony as neutral as possible. The decor is so much fun to work with within this theme, as you can have an array of pieces, such as ancient goblets, fake skulls, and even roses, to deck around the venue. And, of course, the lighting heavily relies on candles. 

The best part isn't the decor, though, but the couple themselves. Some grooms opt to swap their tux with a cape and a luxurious medieval rustic get-up, topped off (literally) with a top hat, or accented with a fake silver saber sword strapped to their hip. Brides, on the other hand, have more choices to choose from, from having a Morticia-Esque get-up or Frankenstein's wife, to the replication of the bride from The Corpse Bride.

This theme can seem straightforward, but in truth, it can become many things depending on the couple. Many Halloween movies are the inspiration for many gothic weddings and had even dipped their toes into Ancient Greek mythology. 

Lavishly set somewhere gloomy (or even a graveyard), a couple can replicate the wedding of Hades and Persephone, the rulers of the underworld. One need only to spread flowers, skulls, candles, and pomegranates around the venue. Of course, the bride needs to wear something floral and spring-like, while the groom a gloomy all-black attire. 

However, the bride can also try to match the groom’s color, staying true to the myth of the bringer of death being hell’s queen. This not only poses a unique theme for a reception but can make the bride feel Queenly and regal in the process. 

3. Celebration With Books!

Is your spouse a book lover or the other way around? Maybe you both enjoy a lounge by the fire, reading classics like Jane Austen's Persuasion. If we hit the mark, then why not consider incorporating some of your love for books into the celebration? The addition of this element into the formula can bring about some interesting theme ideas, such as party favors being your favorite books or having guests gift you their personal favorite! 

This wholesome idea not only brings together generations of people through their love for literature but also gives you, as their beloved family member, an idea about themselves through their personal favorite! 

You can also center around this theme to your decor by focusing on one book or book series. For example, if both of you are Austen's fans, you can theme a rural, countryside victorian era reception and even plan dances based upon it. If Harry Potter is more of your jam, you can ask your guests to wear their house color or assign each of them a house that fits their personality! Being the sorting hat can be a fun part of the celebration as well. 

4. Faerie Kingdom

Have a huge love for magic and everything out of this world? Perhaps setting up a little faerie celebration can spread some faith and trust around your celebration (and maybe even pixie dust!) Outfit the place with gold and silver, and add earthly accents, such as green, blue or brown. You can also design your cake this way and have the guests follow a color code to make the venue pop out more. 

For the place, you can set up in a woodland area where you can manipulate the beauty of nature into your reception. String up some vines, place some critter figurines, and wear a gown fit for a faerie queen. Reach and tap into your inner titania with either a pair of fairy wings or a tiara to top it all off.

5. Everything Cheese!

While our other suggestions may have something to do with the decors, the color palette, or the atmosphere, there's one suggestion that has something to do with food. Yes, we see you cheese-lovers and enthusiasts! Everything cheese is a way to celebrate your wedding the best way one can: in a cheese feast galore. This can fit into any unconventional celebration, but a modern theme is best. 

Serve your guests with the finest wine, or construct the best and largest charcuterie board. You can have meats, fruits, nuts, and even bread for sides, as long as you have cheese as your main dish. Go crazy and add mozzarella sticks or boxes of pizza if you’re feeling informal. 

6. Starstruck In Hollywood

Want to feel the feel of the lights and stardom on the both of you during your wedding day? Then get the cameras rolling because Hollywood can be recreated right into the perfect venue. All you need to have are fancy invitations and a lot of people willing to outfit each other out. Of course, as the bride, you'll need to outfit them all, so choose an elaborate gown and require your quests to wear anything but white that day. 

You can take it a step further and rent an old movie house. The ceremony and the reception can take place there, and the guests will have compiled movies about your love stories to watch while the event goes on. 

7. Wonderland

Another fairytale you'd want to appear in your wedding gown is Alice's wonderland. Colorful and festive, it won't just be afternoon tea, but you can very well serve snacks for the reception just like they have in the mad hatter's place. For the decor, you can go crazy with an array of pots and tea kettles or even mismatched cups and saucers. Old clocks and cards can also be part of the theme. 

The color can be decided upon personally by the two of you, but staying true to the story, it would have to be white, black, and blue. The bride can also wear a gown similar to Alice’s if the traditional white is a no-go. Lastly, don’t forget to give party favors of our favorite Eat Me and Drink Me theme! 

8. Union In The Stars

Astrology can be beautiful if turned into a wedding theme. Who wouldn't want to gaze into the ceiling with the stars projected on it? Another reason you should pursue it? Because it's a romantic theme. 

I love you to the moon, and back won't just be a metaphor recited during your wedding vows. Top it off with a galaxy cake, tables named after constellations, and even moon backdrops can be a beautiful sight. 

9. Masquerade

Though you and your guests won’t be able to see each other’s faces for the duration of the event, a masquerade is an unconventional but creative way to celebrate the event. There would also be an unmasking, especially during the vows, where instead of a veil, your groom will take off your mask and behold you in a fashion similar to the veil. It’s both re-living the mystery that is your betrothed and getting to know them fully as your wife/husband.

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