Carbon Fiber Rings

Nearly durable and lighter than a feather. What isn’t there to like about carbon fiber?

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber isn’t metal at all. It is an insanely durable, versatile, and durable material that is used in a wide variety of applications, including aerospace engineering.

Have you ever heard of Thomas Edison? Well, he was one of the first people to use carbon fibers as filaments for his early light bulbs. Yet his version of carbon fiber wasn’t nearly as strong as today’s product. Carbon fiber is very conducive to heat and able to withstand the extreme temperatures needed for an incandescent flame.

Around the mid-20th Century, stronger precursors were discovered for manufacturing carbon fiber. Unlike the bamboo and cotton that Thomas Edison used, around 90% of all carbon fiber made today is formed out of polyacrylonitrile (PAN). The result is a material that is five times stronger than steel and one third the weight. It has higher fatigue resistance and can withstand extreme heat as well.

Pretty cool, right? It’s no wonder carbon fiber is so heavily relied upon in aviation today. Do I want to fly on a plane made out of a nearly indestructible, lightweight, space-age material that basically won’t ever burn or fail? Yes, thank you.

Wearing a Carbon Fiber Ring

Now imagine if your wedding band was made of such futuristic stuff. It is so strong you can stand a carbon fiber ring up and run a car over it, and the thing won’t break. This quality is like some Guinness Book of World Records stuff here, folks.

Another tremendous advantage of carbon fiber is that it’s hypoallergenic. If you have a nickel allergy or some other known sensitivity to metal, a carbon fiber ring is a great choice. They are also very scratch-resistant and can be sanded in the rare case of a scratch. We recommend using superfine sandpaper (220+ grit) to buff out any scuffs.

Unlike silicone rings that bend with you, carbon fiber rings are stiff enough to allow air to flow in between the ring and your finger. Sound insignificant? Well, guess what, guys sweat. And you do not want some funky smelling ring lying around every time you have to take it off. The added airflow will promote anti-microbial properties that will keep that old gym bag smell at bay.

It is particularly important to note that carbon fiber is extremely lightweight. It’s twelve times lighter than gold and three times lighter than titanium, which is already a ridiculously lightweight metal. So when you try on a carbon fiber ring for the first time, it may feel remarkably light. You might be creeped out at first until you realize it’s one of the most amazing and futuristic materials on the planet.

Because of its lighter-than-air feel and incredible strength, carbon fiber rings are perhaps more versatile than any other ring you can buy. If you have a physical job, play a lot of sports, or are a hobbyist, these rings will move with you effortlessly and not get in the way of the task at hand.

Note: If you work with electricity or are an electrician, you should remove a carbon fiber ring while working as it is conductive to electricity.

In the case of an emergency, carbon fiber can easily be cut from your finger, unlike metals such as tungsten which must be shattered to remove them. Rest assured, in the case of an emergency, medical personnel can easily remove the ring from your finger.

Carbon fiber is an all-around superstar material that, when turned into a wedding ring, symbolizes strength and longevity. Hopefully two things your marriage will have in spades.