Camo Rings

You’ll be doing anything but blending in with these bad boys. Camo rings are on fire right now, and Epic has them available in several colorways.

Camouflage: Nature’s Survival Trick and Man’s Battlefield Necessity

If humans are copying something from the wild, you know it has to be pretty cool. And what’s cooler than going full-on incognito while trying to evade the jowls of a hungry lion or a crazed great white shark? Sometimes escaping danger is just as impressive as facing it head-on.

Yes, my friend, we are talking about camouflage.

Species from across the animal kingdom have used camouflage techniques since the beginning of time to avoid detection from predators. Chameleons can change appearance on demand, depending on their surroundings. Octopuses do the same thing, as they can change the color pigmentation of their cells using particular muscles. I’m pretty sure my dog can’t do that.

Then there is the dead leaf moth, can you guess what it’s able to disguise itself as? Or the Vietnamese mossy frog that looks like, well, a bunch of moss. There are, of course, the mighty spotted cheetahs and leopards of the African Serengeti. Indeed, these majestic knights of the savannah are masters of deception themselves.

Once a few unsuspecting humans mistook a man-eating cat for a bunch of tall grass, people began to take notice a good thing when they saw it. It wasn’t long before mankind had adopted its form of camouflage for battle.

In 1915, the French army abandoned its bright red pants and stark white gloves for camouflaged uniforms that blended in with the trench fighting. It seems someone realized that looking like Little Red Riding Hood from the sky had a negative impact on the survival rate. Looking back, that seems like a good call.

By World War II, armies around the world had adopted camouflage for a variety of environments, including snowy terrain, deserts, jungles, and swamps. Today, every modern military in the world adopts several forms of advanced camouflage. Even professional sports teams will wear an all-out camo uniform for important games.

The Camo Collection

Channel your inner impala with the Axel. You’ll blend right in on the savannah with this classic camo ring, but you’ll definitely stick out in the crowd. The desert camouflage color pattern is a classic that will never go out of style.

If you want to harness the power of a South American jungle, check out the Gibson. This lush green pattern is a classic camouflage colorway worn deep in the Amazon. No jaguar is going to catch you while you’re wearing this ring.

For you snowbirds, there is the Titan. Imagine running from a blood-thirsty polar bear or sliding down a snowy mountainside to escape a Yeti. The Titan is up for the challenge, especially with its nearly indestructible tungsten carbide band.

Camo Has Always Been Cool

Every time you scroll through social media or turn on the TV these days, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll see a celebrity decked out in camo. But honestly, camo is just absolutely awesome, and it always has been.

It’s quite literally the opposite of a fad: animals have been using camouflage since the beginning of time, and humans use it to win wars. Are majestic cheetahs a fad? Is defeating the bad guy just a brief trend? I don’t think so.

It should be no surprise then that camo has made its way to the wedding ring. And despite its increasing popularity, it is a bold choice that still says a lot about the man wearing it. It is a nod to mother nature, the animal kingdom, and the art of war. Sounds pretty epic if you ask me.