Wood Rings

Wood rings are for the man who wants to give a nod to both Mother Nature and history.

A Wood Wedding Ring?

Believe it or not, wood has been around for quite a few years. A lot longer than metal, actually. Humankind was built on the bounty of the forest. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were among the societies that harvested wood to make weapons, tools, and home furnishings.

Wood was also used in ancient times for ceremonial jewelry, including wedding rings. Only recently, however, has its use for jewelry seen an uptick in popularity. And why not? Wood is something that connects us to one of Earth’s most elemental creations: the tree.

In a digital age where many of us are as disconnected as ever from nature and the outdoors, sporting a wood ring can break up office life monotony. Owning a wood ring might save you from going all Office Space on the printer or fax machine. (Does anyone still use those things? Probably not, why use wood for paper when you can make a fantastic ring out of it.

If this is the first time you are pondering going with a wood ring, think about baseball. Ah, America’s pastime. When you attend a Major League game, your senses are activated: the smell of the fresh-cut grass, the refreshing taste of an overpriced beer, the crack of a baseball bat. That is right! They use wood bats in the big leagues folks, none of that child’s play aluminum stuff. And marriage, my friend, is certainly not child’s play.

Not that marriage should be compared to a baseball game. But you had to step up to the plate when you proposed to your future bride, right? So why not keep the momentum going, and keep those senses activated.

Anyway, let us get back to Epic’s wood bands.

The Wood Collection

Epic offers an incredible array of wood inlay rings. Ever wanted to shop from the rainforest canopy? You’ll feel like a tree-hopping spider monkey choosing from our selection.

These rings are a few steps above the wood trim on Mom and Dad’s 1984 Ford station wagon, or Chevy Chase’s family cruiser in National Lampoon’s Vacation. These are more like bombing your 1998 Jeep Cherokee down the Pacific Coast Highway while high-tailing it towards one of those giant Redwoods you can drive a car through. Yeah, these rings are like that.

The Preston is one of our absolute favorites. A premium-coated hardwood is inlaid on a nearly indestructible tungsten carbide host metal. The wood trim is neither too dark nor too light, and it will remind you of a safari guide’s private smoking room.

Then there is the stoic, rustic, and downright eclectic Lehi. Flawless black ceramic surrounds a pristine hardwood inlay on this ring for the woodsman in you. The lustrous black finish pokes out just enough from the polished wood to be visible and say, “Hey, they call me the Black Mamba.” Maybe Kobe wears this one? If not, he should. This one is a beauty, and it bites.

The Perry is like wearing a penthouse apartment on your finger. No, you will not take the room with the dusty carpet, thank you very much. You want the real stuff, the click-clack, the hardwood. Paired with the most robust metal on the planet in tungsten carbide, the Perry is the Fortress of Solitude meets Park Avenue all in one fantastic ring.

Care & Considerations

One of the most common questions we receive is regarding the durability of wood wedding rings. With wood inlays, the wood is coated with a premium, water-resistant resin material that allows it to stand up to wet conditions. However, we do not recommend taking a job as a commercial diver while wearing a wood ring. It is still advised to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Think of your back porch or deck. Even if it is sealed with a waterproof protectant, it will still show some wear and staining after an extended period.

The applied resin strengthens the wood, along with the metal part of the ring (this is usually tungsten, titanium, or ceramic). Epic Wedding Bands’ wood rings are wood inlays, not bentwood, which is made of entirely wood with no metal.

Wood inlay rings are much easier to maintain than bentwood rings and last much longer. Bentwood rings are much more prone to breakage and require constant care to maintain their appearance. So even if you are dying to go for that Tarzan look of an all-wood ring, nobody expects Tarzan to be hunched over his jewelry box every night polishing his wedding band.

If you work in an industry where heat conductivity or electricity is an issue, wood rings are tailor-made for you. Men who work as electricians, welders, or other trades may be primarily concerned with wearing a ring that is less conducive to heat and electricity.

Wood rings have seen only a relatively recent surge in popularity. However, wood as a medium for symbolism and ornamentation has been around for thousands of years. If you are interested in an eco-friendly, historical, and unusual wedding band, a wood ring might be for you.