We created the EPIC Wedding Bands company in order to help engaged or married couples searching for a ring find one that is unique and durable. We also wanted to make the search simple and secure. There are hundreds of jewelry companies throughout the United States that sell overpriced, boring products that don't come with any sort of guarantee or warranty. We wanted to change that! 

We understand the importance of owning and wearing the perfect ring. Exchanging wedding bands is a sacred tradition used in many cultures.  They are a circular shape. Circles continue on and on without any stopping points or angles. This circular shape of a ring symbolizes a never-ending love and devotion. They symbolize the commitment two people have made to each other to cherish and be faithful to each other forever, no matter what.

Even though the designs are ever growing and more cutting edge designs are being developed today, the tradition and symbolism of wearing a ring is as significant today as it was in the past. 

Our company believes that men should wear something they are proud to show off, one that will stand out above the sea of boring products that are commonly worn today. This is why we chose to name our company name EPIC. The word EPIC means grand, impressive, remarkable and extraordinary. We truly think the products we carry can be described as being EPIC. 

We also believe that couples should be able to find something they like without having to go into major debt for it. Starting a marriage off with heavy debts is a difficult road to begin with. 

We are confident as you browse our vast selection, you will find a ring that is both affordable and classy.

One of the biggest mistakes we have found is to buy a jewelry piece from a company that doesn't offer any sort of warranty. Men tend to be rather abusive, especially if they are active or work with their hands for a living. This being true, men tend to wear out their ring faster than women, so we believe it is important that every piece comes with a good warranty.

So why choose EPIC?

Our unique products come with a free lifetime warranty. We believe that consumers should receive something that is free of any defects. If you receive any product that is damaged please contact us for a free replacement.

We also have free 2 day shipping to the entire United States for all the products listed on the EPIC website. We have found that engaged couples sometimes put things off to the very last moment and we believe that our 2 day shipping will help even these procrastinator type of couples.

We also have a 45 day exchange/return policy that beats out many of our competitors policies. We believe in providing some the best customer service possible and we feel that our 45 day policy is just one of the ways that we help to achieve this goal. 

The EPIC company also has a lifetime sizing warranty that is hard to beat! This saves consumers a lot of time and money because you don't have to purchase a new product if your finger changes size which is a common occurrence.

Our owner supports and donates to the following charity organizations: 

Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you. 

Thank you,

Taylor & Kara Johnson

Founders of EPIC