EPIC Mens Wedding Bands

Remember being carried around by your father as a young child? He would have you tucked close to his chest in line at the grocery store, or a restaurant when you got antsy in your seat. You would look for something to fidget with, and where did you invariably turn? Dad’s wedding ring.

That classic, iconic gold band adorned by dad was little more than a shiny little object to rub between your fingers and peer through as a bored young kid. You would ask, “Dad, why do you wear this ring?” And your father would reply, telling you that your mom wore a ring as well, and it symbolized their love for each other.

And then you would be hanging out at a friend’s house, and their dad would have the same ring on. Another friend’s dad, the same ring! A stranger on the street - is that a gold ring? It is! Why is everyone wearing the same ring?

Well, we don’t know the answer to that. But we do know that once upon a time, and really throughout history, men’s wedding bands have been uniformly similar if not the same. And that’s not to say a standard gold ring is anything to sneeze at. They give off an air of no-frills nonsense, simplicity, and even tradition.

Start a New Tradition

But they sure are boring. Tradition is great and all, but have you ever wanted to start a new one?

Wouldn’t you rather have your child look up at you with those adorable little eyes while playing with your ring and ask, “Dad, why does your ring look like it was worn by a Viking warrior who sailed the Seven Seas looking for narwhals to wrestle just for fun?” And you could respond with, well, you could say whatever you want because your kid now thinks you are a Viking who fights giant sea creatures just for kicks.

That’s why Epic Wedding Bands offers a vast collection of unique mens wedding rings to fit every man’s personality. We know there is no such thing as “one size fits all,” especially in today’s modern world. Conformity is a thing of the past.

Every man has a personal story to tell, every year of his life is like a ring on a tree that shaped him into who he is today. The wedding band is the brightest, juiciest apple on that tree. So would you rather make applesauce (and wear the same thing as everyone else) or whip up some hot, crispy apple fritters everyone at the office will be hitting you up to learn more about?

Okay, we’re getting a little out there with the analogies, but you get the idea. Whether you are a carpenter, a web developer, an opera singer, or an accountant, you deserve to find the ring that fits your life and your story.

This ring represents you, and the love you share with the woman who fell in love with you. She loves you for exactly who you are, not who you should conform to be. Epic’s variety of unique men’s wedding bands will allow you to display your love for your spouse in a symbolic piece of wearable art you will rock every day for the rest of your life.

Our Mens Wedding Bands Shop Has Something For You

If you want the most durable metal on earth, check out our tungsten carbide rings . They are unbendable, basically indestructible, and more substantial than anything. Or maybe you want something a little more space-age and trendier? Our titanium rings are insanely light but stronger than steel, and they can take a beating, although they still don't compare to other mens wedding bands in our opinion.

If the first date you had with your wife was a day hike or a casual climb up a mountain, check out our wood and antler rings. These rings are made of natural materials and will symbolize your connection to mother nature as you enter into marriage.

For you history buffs out there, check out our damascus steel and dinosaur bone rings. Did we blow your mind? Yes, men’s wedding bands can be made out of real, actual fossilized dinosaur bones, and we’ve got them. Oh, and you know the sword from Game Of Thrones that obliterates the White Walkers? No big deal, it was only based on legendary Damascus steel. And now you can wear it as a mens wedding ring. Are you still thinking about a boring gold band? We didn’t think so.

Selecting a product such as what's available from EPIC Mens Wedding Bands is an extremely personal decision that represents both who you are as a person, and the loving relationship between you and your wife. Once upon a time, men were confined to having the same ring every other man had. It was as though we were all marriage robots, just going through the motions of an everyday old tradition. Those days are gone.

From carbon fiber to camo to the hardest metals on earth, Epic’s collection of unique men’s wedding bands is sure to capture that perfect side of your life and personality that says you’re a married man now, but you’re still you.