Titanium Rings

Titanium is the lightweight champion of the world. Our titanium rings will feel like a feather on your finger but will last you a lifetime.

Titanium: A Breakdown

Titanium is the new, pretty girl who just moved to the neighborhood. Though it was discovered in the late 1700s, it was not commercially extracted until 1932. And even then, people were too busy fighting world wars with each other and dancing the “Charleston” to realize what a fantastic metal they had on their hands.

Titanium is stronger than most metals and relatively lightweight. Large sheets or tubes of the metal are cut to size to make rings and other jewelry, similar to the engineering process of stainless steel. It is not known precisely when and why titanium became a go-to as ring material, but many attribute it to the 1989 movie The Abyss. I mean, E.T. made Reese’s Pieces famous right, so why can’t titanium enjoy the same success and attention? Frankly, we’re happy it’s in the limelight now, and for a good reason.

Wearing Titanium

Titanium rings are incredibly versatile for everyday wear. Whether you are a stonemason or a desk jockey, a titanium ring will move with you and adapt to any setting. It is stronger than gold, much less likely to bend, and very difficult to scratch. Despite its hardness, in some cases, it can be resized. It is also lightweight when compared to many other metals, including sterling silver.

This is a hard-working, nearly indestructible metal. Think of titanium like Muhammad Ali: it floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee. Heck, you need an emergency cutting instrument to get this ring off your finger, should it come down to it. So before you start throwing down tomahawk 360 dunks, you may want to slip this thing off.

Titanium rings are hypoallergenic. So if you have a metal allergy, you can feel comfortable sporting your bling day in and day out without getting the sniffles or breaking out in some rash straight out of 28 Days Later. Titanium is also resistant to corrosion and doesn’t tarnish, unlike sterling silver. Also, unlike many other metals, it does not corrode in response to chlorine, seawater, and many acids. So, if you’re some crazy ironman triathlete, or like to get your inner-Michael Phelps on, a titanium ring is a great option.

The Titanium Collection

If lightweight but robust as nails sounds like a ring you could rock, check out Epic Wedding Bands’ titanium rings. We are especially big fans of the Baxter. Simple, shiny, and sophisticated, we named this bad boy after Ron Burgundy’s trusty sidekick. Why? Because it will be your constant companion and a trademark feature.

Next, everyone will be shaking in their boots when you bring out the Tyson. This is the “Iron Mike” of our titanium collection. It’s furious, dominant, and graceful at the same time. The ring is anodized in a black glossy finish that is sure to make you stand out in a crowd and make that annoying acquaintance think twice before hitting you up with a new “business opportunity.” Don’t mess with the Tyson.

Then there is the Archibald, one of our classiest and most unique titanium pieces. This ring is outfitted with a handsome wood inlay and looks like the interior of a Bentley. Pairing the stark appearance of wood trim with polished titanium is a stunning combination that screams “I’m the man. The married man.”

Finally, we have to give a shout out to one of our personal favorites, the Flyer. This one comes straight out of leftfield (seriously, it resembles the classic stitching of a baseball, how American is that?). With a unique red design inlay with beautifully polished titanium, the Flyer will turn heads everywhere you go. Part tribal band, part sportsman, part just all-around impressive, we love this ring for those of you husbands-to-be looking for a little masculine flair.

Care & Considerations

Titanium is incredibly easy to maintain. All it takes is some mild soap and warm water, and you’ll have your ring looking good as new. Because titanium is extremely scratch-resistant, you won’t have to worry about damaging the finish while doing work around the house, or playing drums on the table.

And remember, even though it is among the hardest of all metals, titanium can be resized in some cases. It is less dense than sterling silver, so it is considerably lighter in weight than silver rings. Pro tip: to match the shine of sterling silver, spray your titanium ring with Windex or another glass cleaner. You’ll need to wear sunglasses just to put eyes on the thing.

Titanium is perhaps the best option for anyone with a metal allergy. It is incredibly hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant. So if you’re an Olympic swimmer with sensitive skin (or anyone who likes a lightweight ring that is stronger than gold with just as much luster), titanium is for you.

Many men are choosing titanium rings because of their overall strength, durability, and easy maintenance. Over time, you don’t have to worry about tarnishing or losing shine with titanium. So instead of worrying about damaging your wedding band, you can focus on what matters: football season and grilling steaks (and most importantly, your beautiful wife).