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Say I DO To These Awesome Wedding Hacks!

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Say I DO To These Awesome Wedding Hacks!

Weddings can be a dream come true for the couple and families involved. As one of the most important milestones in one’s life, it isn’t surprising to find out over 100 hours are spent in planning and organizing the event. The most surprising of all due to the fact this statistic belongs to average-sized weddings. Can you imagine how long the process is for luxurious weddings? 

There are a lot of responsibilities when planning a wedding. It’s not just sunshine and rainbows; there are guests to list and invitation cards to design and send. Vendors to bargain with and wedding planners to talk to. Lastly, especially for the bride, there’s the wedding dress and the bridal party’s overall theme to oversee. It’s a busy event, but luckily we’ve come up with these hacks you can use to save yourself from stress, time, and money! 

Hack #1: Create An Email Address Solely For Your Wedding

Once you've settled on the venue, theme, and who'll be included in your guest list, the next step is to communicate with vendors and professionals to collaborate for your event. As all events tend to be, wedding-related emails can easily clutter your personal or work email. The back and forths can sometimes be confusing if mixed with emails from work and personal friends and family. 

Thus the couple must create a separate email (and share the password) solely to cater to all emails regarding catering, food, decorations, and other suppliers you’ve communicated with. On top of that, a separate email can prove useful when tracking RSVPs, invoices, and contracts. 

Hack #2: Make Use Of A Website

Though on the fancier—and dare we say extra?—side, wedding websites can become more useful than we originally thought. Yes, it can take a while setting it up, but in the long run, the website can save you tons of time answering repetitive questions, such as the dress code, the venue, time, and what wedding gifts they can bring (an online gift registry becomes a blessing in this case). You can simply delegate the website containing all the guests to need to know. 

If you’re planning a destination wedding, the website becomes a touch more important than just a traditional wedding. The couple can certainly add the directions to their venue, the culture of the locals where they’ll spend their time, and even recommendations of the best restaurants, hotels, and tourist spots they can see whilst in the area. This can double as a photography session, which you can compile in the wedding album. 

Hack #3: Put Together A “Just In Case” Kit

Though we’re not hoping for any major disasters during the day of the wedding, several inevitable things can happen, and what better way to combat these things than to prepare a Just In Case kit? However, note that this kit is separate from a first aid kit, which is an indispensable thing to have during the event. A Just In Case kit can contain bobby pins, hair ties, plasters, a needle and thread, safety pins, baby wipes, alcohol, and even hydrogen peroxide for any accidental stains. You can also add other DIY additions, such as nail polish, mint gum, smelling salts, medicine for stomach aches, and extra sanitary pads. 

Hack #4: Ask Family And Friends For Help

Though this day is the most special to the couple, it doesn't mean the responsibilities fall on their shoulders alone. If you ask around, you'd be surprised at how many of your close friends and family are willing to do easier, petty tasks like handling the invitations, listing the gifts and noting who gave which, and even making deliveries.

Of course, the couple will be handling the bigger tasks that need the bride or groom's choice, like choosing the wedding dress, picking colors, or tasting the food. But with your loved ones handling the smaller tasks, you can free up your to-do list to relax and enjoy the process and planning and the very day itself. 

Hack #5: Use Your Wedding Shoes During The Wedding Rehearsal

And not just the rehearsal; you can use your wedding shoes when you pick a dress to see if it suits the gown you'll be using. The most important thing with this hack is how frequently you'll be using your shoes until you break them in. This can save your poor feet from sores and blisters in the aftermath, and we wouldn't want you to limp through your wedding march and first dance! 

Hack #6: Keep Your Wedding Files In One Folder

You’d be surprised how easily you’ll lose receipts or drafts for the final seating arrangement among the throng of files in your computer. This rookie mistake happens to almost all couples planning their wedding without a professional or an admin to intervene, so if you’re in on this alone, it’s better to organize things as early as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the planning nor the wedding day itself if you keep worrying about invoices and invitation wordings. 

Hack #7: Plan A Seasonal Wedding

Though it ultimately depends on you, seasonal weddings can save you a ton of time and money at the end of the day. Seasonal cuisine and decorations, such as flowers, can prove to be cheaper than having specific ingredients and flora. Overhead and transportation costs can be high, and some even exorbitant just because they're out of season. 

If you're going to have a local wedding, then it will be easier for you to cater to seasonal needs. However, a destination wedding is another matter entirely. 

Since you'll be spending your wedding day (or week) in another place or country, it's best to chat up with local vendors and planners on what's on the season in that particular place. The odds are they'll be happy to work on local and seasonal produce as well. This can also make your venue seem more in place with the area and the food you'll be serving more authentic. 

Hack #8: Choose An Outside Caterer

Most of the time, venues can offer their cuisine, which can prove to be more expensive than hiring a caterer of your own choice. If the venue doesn't allow outside caterers, perhaps it's time to consider another venue that will. Trust us; it will save you more money than an in-house one. Plus, you get to choose what kind of food you like rather than settle with what's available or even pick your favorite restaurant or a food truck. For this option, the possibilities are endless.

Hack #9: DIY-Style Your Wedding

Have you considered decorating the signage yourself or making a DIY your backdrops? Handwriting invitations or doing calligraphy for the seating arrangement can make a great statement for your guests. Other than feeling intimate and personal, DIY touches can add to the comfort and joy your family and friends will have while in the venue.

Hack #10: Choose Your Wedding Date Wisely!

Did you know there are days when wedding venues and other professionals in collaboration get more expensive and days when they’re unbelievably cheap? That fluctuation depends entirely on the day you choose for your wedding. If you choose a day right smack in the peak season, everything will seem twice more expensive than usual. But if you choose an unconventional albeit favorable day, you can save more money than you realize.

For example, in-season weekends are the most expensive you can get for a venue, and in-season weekdays are cheaper but still expensive. However, if you choose a month that's not in season, it doesn't matter if you choose a weekday or weekend. It will still be plenty cheaper than its counterpart. 

Hack #11: Track And Automate Your RSVPs

It's best to automate your RSVPs via an online tracker to lessen the stress of listing and keeping track of the responses. RSVPs can be crucial, especially when it's time to count the final number of guests arriving. The seats, catering, and overall feel of the venue heavily depend on it. 

Hack #12: Have A Kids Area

If you have little ones on board, the best thing you can offer them is their table or their small room to keep themselves occupied. You can provide toys, coloring books and crayons, books, and even a TV to watch cartoons in. This hack doesn't just relieve stress from the parents in your guest list but also avoids incidences and disturbances that may happen during important parts (for example, the vows).

Hack #13: Have A Back-Up Venue

A backup venue can prove itself useful for weddings scheduled during the rainy days. Although we can't for certain predict the exact time rain will fall—or if it will ever fall at all—it's still a wise decision to have a backup venue if ever the worst happens. Coordinate with your planner and other necessary people in planning the second venue in both decorations and seating arrangements. 

That way, if the outdoor wedding doesn’t fall through, you can always have another flawless venue to say I Do in. This can save everyone, including the guests, stress, and a ruined outfit.


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