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What Are Destination Weddings & Why Should You Consider It?

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What Are Destination Weddings & Why Should You Consider It?

If you and your partner find yourselves in severe cases of wanderlust most of the time, it makes sense for your special day to take place somewhere exotic and new. 

Did you know there's a term for that? Destination Weddings take place a thousand or so miles away from your hometown. Some even opt for a trip across the sea, to more iconic places, like Italy and Greece. This set-up is perfect for couples that have a love for a foreign atmosphere. 

However, there are a ton of places to go and see. The world is so vast, how will you ever know where to go and celebrate the most special time of your life? That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled the best destination weddings for you to check out and fall in love with. Not only that, but we’ve listed the reasons why a destination is perfect for you and your partner. 

A Destination Wedding          

This type of wedding is already exercised even if the couple wasn't aware of it. Technically, any wedding did that requires the whole ensemble, parties, and guests, and all, to travel via land or sea towards the set-up venue. Usually, these weddings take place in picture-perfect sceneries, such as south of France or against the sunset in Mexico. Still, it depends on where the groom and bride hail from, and sometimes both come to a compromise and meet halfway between their hometowns. 

However, just a small percentage of this population choose these destinations, perhaps due to both the exorbitant fees and the distance of which everybody needs to travel. Most weddings happening all over the United States are already considered Destination weddings in their own right. However, despite being far, these destinations are still note-worthy, especially if it’s something the couple can very well afford. 

The Best Destination Weddings 

1. Italy

Italy is a country with several beautiful coasts, towns, and general places to hold your wedding in. This romantic piece of land offers more than just warm summers, vibrant cities, glimmering canals, and a dream-like, cottagecore-Esque countryside. For example, Amalfi Coast, known for its roughly shaped shoreline and scattered white beaches, isn't just a sea-scented venue but a hidden gem for couples who need a more isolated and nature-connected event. 

Other than that, its Pinterest-like pastel-colored fishing towns are perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot. On the beach, you’ll be able to get flawless, painted scenes you can sprawl in front of. It will look stunning on-camera if in-person isn’t as stunning as it already is. 

Another destination in Italy is Lake Como. This destination can be considered the antithesis to luxury and diamond-studded weddings held in Hollywood or Las Vegas. Though it is also considered a lux destination, Lake Como offers a more restrained show of wealth, a classy and timeless aesthetic. Wedding planners for Lake Como advise couples to get to know the destination and have exciting adventures, whether it be for a photoshoot, a ceremony, a reception, or all three. 

Lastly, the last destination in Italy is Puglia, or what is more commonly known as the heel of Italy's boot (or the edge of southern Italy). If you've seen a sleepy, white-washed town by the coast and miles and miles of ocean water on the horizon, then it is most likely one of Puglia's cities in front of the lens. The sea, sunset, and bright lanterns strewed up to look like stars on land. What more can you ask for during your very special day? 

2. Ireland

Though Ireland stands to be one destination leaning on the damper side, it does not shy away from being one of the destinations with the most dream-like atmosphere and almost a royal feel to have your wedding in. For a gorgeous destination wedding, consider Adare Manor, a five-star venue just renovated recently. More options for a luxurious choice are castles Ashford, Markree, and Luttrellstown.

3. France

France is probably a destination on top of your mental lists, but where exactly in France is the best destination for a destination wedding? We're here to pick out the best places you can choose from for your ceremony and reception and even your photoshoot if the scenery proves to be scenic enough.

For wonderful blue skies and equally blue beaches, you can choose Cannes or Saint-Tropez. If an indoor, french lux is more of your style, then there are 5-star hotels able to provide a shimmering venue and excellent catering, such as the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat. This hotel, despite being renovated to be as modern as its competition, still holds to its roots and history written in on age-old walls.

 4. Morocco

Morroco is a country known for its rich, earthy, and gem-like palette in textiles, architecture, spices, and overall atmosphere. Marrakech is one city that can embody morocco, lush in its culture, art, patterns, colors, and textures all over the place. The laid-back, festive mood of the city can bring an extra hint of joy to your wedding, along with the exotic colors you can incorporate into your wedding palette as well.

5. Indonesia

Although Indonesia has many wonderful places to consider saying yes in, Bali stands to be one of the most beautiful and popular places to tie the knot. Wedding coordinators say Bali is a cross between two wedding themes, mainly a verdant, rural theme against the modern, contemporary feel of Bali crowds and buildings. 

Other than exotic parades and breathtaking sunset on beaches, Bali also offers a more simple way of spending your wedding day, although it doesn’t mean this place cannot cater to a luxurious one as well. 

6. Colombia

In Colombia, there is a city steadily rising the ranks in being one of the best cities to have your wedding take place. Both sleepy and romantic, Cartagena offers lovers tied in true love a haven: streets filled with art and history, beautiful beaches, and accommodating people. Wedding coordinators advise this place for dreamers and wide-eyed, love-sick couples. The effect the place has on them is nothing short of magical. 

Why Consider A Destination Wedding?

Perhaps the more important question in need of an answer than where is why. There are plenty of reasons to consider a destination wedding. However, it is still your call on whether this type of wedding is fit for your style. 

1. Wedding Packages Come With The Destination

Businessmen always have their eye on what they can profit from, so it's no shot in the dark to consider there's one for a specific place you have in mind. But what can a wedding package offer you? Simple. Wedding packages make your planning easier, adding all you need into one cost: catering, decor, a marriage license, the wedding cake, and some even throw in a wedding coordinator as well. A package can help you focus on your wedding and the person you're saying I do too.

 2. A Smaller Invitee List

Traveling means extra expenses, and some guests just don't have the means for it. Other than a lack of funds, some suffer from conditions that hinder them from booking international flights, and some have responsibilities that they can't let go of just to attend one's wedding. Therefore, you can control the number of people you invite to this day. You don't even need to bother inviting a relative you don't like or an acquaintance you're not that close with.

This means you can dodge the biggest bullet hitting most traditional and large-numbered weddings: family drama. You don’t need to worry about gossip, drama, and even personal judgment for your color taste if you surround yourself with people you chose.

 3. A Less Expensive Reception

You've offered your guests a breathtaking venue and a wonderful ceremony, which, if you've invited the right kinds of people, won't mind at the simple setting to your reception. To add, inviting fewer guests than a traditional wedding can mean you can save more money or amp up the quality of your cuisine, decor, or any other elements in your reception. 

4. A New Experience For Your Family And Friends

Although the day is supposed to focus on you and your partner’s celebration, you still can’t help but be happy and celebrate for the fact your family and friends get to visit a new place because of your wedding and invitation. Even if it seems unnerving to have them so near during your honeymoon, you and your partner can still move to a different location in the country white your guests can start their journey home.

5. Your Wedding Album Will Be Stunning

Wherever you decide your wedding destination's going to be, it's not a lie when we say your memories captured in the lens will be anything but amazing. Not only will they present a foreign land with beautiful landscapes, but they can give you a new and unforgettable memories as you snap those pictures for your album. Done professionally or not, destination wedding pictures are the prettiest.

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