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Your Dream Wedding In A Nutshell

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Your Dream Wedding In A Nutshell

Marriage is one of those decisions that you would want to pore over before doing anything. It is all about attention to details. You need to have the best ceremony possible so that you can always relive the happy memories for a really long time. Sometimes, you may get inspiration from the ones that you see online, on TV or in magazines. These Instagram-worthy celebrations are sometimes so beautiful that you would want one for yourself!

Idealizing the perfect wedding is easy since all you need to do is use your imagination. However, there are so many things that you need to prepare first. It is not easy to do it, even if you have a planner at your beck and call. It might be one of the most stressful days of your life, and many brides did not enjoy their ceremonies at all because of all the fuss. As they are usually the ones planning it, most of the details lie upon them and not on the groom.

Dreams Are Made Of This

On the other hand, you might be someone that already has the plans for the perfect wedding ceremony. Some people are like that: masters of planning and execution. You might be one of those people who have experience doing it, or you might be a wedding planner yourself. Everyone wants to avoid stress on this day, so you might already have all the ideas that you want in your head.

A dream wedding is a concept that encapsulates everything that we have mentioned previously. However, what makes it a “dream wedding”? Some believe that it should be as extravagant as possible, with prices rivalling properties. This way of thinking is rather dangerous, especially if you may not be capable of it yet. Below are some of the most basic factors that would constitute a great wedding experience.

Most People Want This

1. Ideal Location

One of the first aspects that most people look into when it comes to their dream wedding is the location. It would usually depend on the person and their preferences, but there are some common places. For example, churches are the popular choice for religious people no matter what denomination they belong to as a couple. If religion is important between the two, then it would make sense for them to choose it.

Others like a small ceremony for a variety of reasons. Some like it because it makes everything feel more intimate, even with the addition of some louder activities like dancing. However, others also believe that it is more practical since you do not have to invite many people. Fewer guests mean lower costs since you do not have to spend a lot on food, sitting arrangements and the like.

It does not matter if your celebration is simple or grandiose as long as you like it and it fits your budget. All of us want to have the best in everything, but it might not be feasible given the current conditions. You need to adapt but still keep with the spirit of what you want. Cutting down some of the more impractical aspects might suit you best.

2. Complete Family And Friends

Another factor that people always include in their dream wedding is the people who have been there for a long time. These can either be the families from either side, as it makes sense for them to be there on this important occasion. They are the ones who will always be with you because of the connection that you have with each other. Blood is genuinely thicker than water, but we all know that water also exists in the blood.

Meanwhile, friends might exist in the same way as family does. For some individuals, these friendships can sometimes weigh more than family, especially if one or both of the celebrants did not have a great relationship with them. It is the reality of life that we cannot always agree or relate to some people, even if we are connected through blood relations. Once it does happen, though, a person might go to other sources for that connection.

The real trouble comes from the ones that you want to be with you on occasion. All of us want to invite as many as possible, but you might encounter limitations. You might end up prioritizing some over the others, and that is not a problem. If certain individuals feel offended that they were not invited, then you might have dodged a bullet.


3. Solemn Wedding

Seeing all kinds of weddings from all over the world, you might end up wanting something that is not feasible. We always have dreams, and we want to improve everything related to us. If you do not feel this, you will once you are already at the venue. The pressure of everything being perfect can sometimes be overwhelming, which becomes an issue if you forget the reason why you are there.

Some always forget that weddings are supposed to be solemn ceremonies intended to celebrate the love between you as a couple. It is not just for the legal implications, nor the after-parties or wedding speeches and whatnot. Remember, it is for the celebrants; the bride and groom must have the chance to celebrate this time. There are instances wherein an individual might end up feeling like they are the most important person in the room. You need to take it down quickly as it is a ceremony that invitees should respect.

As long as both of you are still together at the altar, then nothing can stop you from going through the process. The wedding proper (from walking down the aisle to saying “I do”) is the most important part of the occasion that some still forget. They make the mistake of pooling their budget to the reception when it is not the focus of the celebration. Focus on the important parts first, and the details will come soon after.

4. Festivities After Ceremony

This is the most anticipated part of the ordeal, wherein everyone can eat, drink and be merry. We have mentioned that this part is often where the budget gets spent more, and it is for a reasonable cause. It would usually be the place where most people would stay the most, and it is where the refreshments would be served. People always love food, and it is the main thing that keeps the celebration together at some points.

You can always make this the start of the day but remember: it is not the main reason why you are here. As the celebrant, you need to focus on making the wedding proper as spotless as possible. It should go over the entire ceremony with little to no issues, and it makes everything solemn. Meanwhile, you can let it go during the reception, and there are little to no rules with this one.

Now, the reception depends on the size of the venue, and it will also decide the number of guests. Once you are done checking on this, then you can now estimate the budget for food and drinks if you will serve any. It will also help you see which parts of the reception you can add or subtract, like the decors and hiring other people.

5. Getting Married To The Person You Love

Lastly, don’t forget your partner in the middle of all this chaos. They should be the ones helping you first in keeping everything together. Some think that organizing the wedding is a part of the bride’s role in the relationship, but this should not be the case anymore. We are living in 2021; gender equality still applies, especially at weddings.

Some grooms might use the excuse that they are men and should not handle delicate topics such as planning a celebration. It is a flimsy excuse, and you should call him out on that as everything that you will do as a couple is a collaboration. Think of it as the first challenge to getting married. If you can walk away from this without major hiccups, then you will be able to enjoy your honeymoon afterwards.

Meanwhile, you should never abandon your partner as well and make it a one-person show. Some often forget to include their other half in the preparation because they feel like this person would not be helpful. Now, what is the reason why you married this person anyway without involving him or her in such an important task? Try to let them help and see the areas that they would be most beneficial.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can still achieve the “dream wedding” status without caving into some arbitrary rules. It all comes down to your preferences, decisions and budget-making skills. People will always have something to say regardless of their choices. Do what you want to do anyway, and enjoy your day with the one you love.

Always remember that the wedding should not be judged based on its appearance or the amount spent on it. The most important thing is your enjoyment as a couple and the participation of the guests.


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