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10 Wedding Tips Every Couple On A Budget Needs To Know

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10 Wedding Tips Every Couple On A Budget Needs To Know

If there is one event that most women are looking forward to in their lives, it's their wedding. It is considered one of the most important and life-changing events for anyone. However, it has always been the tradition that women are the ones who enjoy it more since it is their big day. The groom is important as well, but there are so many things that make it special for the bride. Every girl wants to have that dream event, but sometimes things do not go as planned. 

The budget is usually the biggest problem for any event, but even more so with weddings since it is a rarer event. Birthdays, anniversaries and other yearly gatherings are usually not that extravagant because it happens annually. Marriage only happens at least once per person, so they hope that this will be their last. As the special event for the couple, you cannot help but splurge and make sure that you are spending more to make it better. 

As we all know, though, spending more on something does not make it good. Rather, it would usually end up to be a gaudy service affair that no one wants to remember. It is also not easy to spend a lot of money during these uncertain times. You would want to save it for something else instead, and there is nothing wrong with budgeting in this particular scenario. Saving money is not about being stingy with it; it's all about learning how to prioritize, and it is going to be useful in your married life. 

Save The Date (And The Money!)

1. Plan Way Before Your Chosen Date For The Wedding

It might seem like a waste of time to sit down with your partner and think about what will happen on the big day. This is especially true for people who are leading busy lives, and there is no room for a sit-down discussion anymore. However, it is important as a couple to be on the same side as you are going to be together more after the wedding. Planning for it makes it easier for all parties to see whether there are some things that you can splurge and others where you can save. 

Another advantage of planning is it is not time-consuming, as it saves you from spending too much. Most would like to make it spontaneous because it seems fun. However, for a wedding, that is not going to work since there are more people involved. With planning, you can anticipate any kind of problem and fix it right away.  

2. Make The Event Small

One way that you can save more money is by choosing to make the event smaller. Most people are into the bigger weddings like they are a scion of a royal family. However, not everyone has the luxury to invite hundreds of people to watch two people kiss and get filled or drunk afterwards. You can make it a more intimate celebration of your union as a couple through the smaller event. It might not be as grandiose but trust us: you would enjoy it more, and you can appreciate your partner even better.

 3. Choose A Convenient Location

The location is usually the most expensive part of the event, aside from a few exceptions ( we will talk about it later in the article). As we have said in the previous entry, it is alright to scale the celebration for a smaller ceremony. You do not have to indulge in a bigger venue anymore since there are fewer guests. Also, the place should be near to most of the people you will invite to make it easier for them to travel. If you have a bigger home or a wide lawn, then it is already a great place for your big day, and you do not have to spend on it.

 4. Use Fewer Flowers For The Arrangements

Flowers are usually the biggest eater of the budget, but most people do not know it. These people are usually confused by the colourful petals and think that it is easy to get anywhere. However, the arrangements and the type of flower are usually the factors that make it more expensive. Most flower shops also increase prices on certain flowers like roses and tulips during the wedding season. If you genuinely want to have some florals, choose more affordable ones like baby’s breath and other wildflowers. 

There are also other ways that you can decorate aside from real flowers. It will usually depend on your theme, so you need to get creative for this. If you still want to have some florals, then you can try using fake flowers and arrange them to make them look pretty. You can also use paper flowers if you want, or use other kinds of vegetation like colourful shrubs and leaves. There are also other ways like using vines for the wall decor, or you might want to change the cloth used on the tables and other stuff for more intricate designs.

 5. Design The Gifts On Your Own, Or DIY Them

Most of the time, weddings will always have something to give to the guests before they leave. These are usually mementos that have some symbolism of the couple or celebrants. However, hiring someone to make these custom made is not a frugal move. From printing or painting to the material itself, it is not going to be cheap, and you need to account for the number of people. If you have already decided to have a small celebration, then you might want to make these giveaways yourselves through some DIY search.

 6. Choose An Old, Used Or On-Sale Wedding Dress

It is the wedding dress that we have said as an exception, as it can be more expensive than anything else in the event. Men do not have this problem as tuxedos can be worn on various occasions, and most do have one in their closets. For women, though, it seems like the norm to buy the best dress but balk at the prices. There is nothing shameful about using an old dress from your ancestors or buying something on sale. Most people will not even notice it as long as it fits you well and you know that you look good in it.

7. Buy Simpler Wedding Rings

Another item that can cost more than anything else is the wedding rings. It is tradition to exchange them at the end, so most couples would go for less frugal options like high-carat gold or diamond-encrusted gold. There is no rule in any culture that uses rings that says that they should be made from precious stones or metals. You can always choose something that truly represents your partnership together. Many simple silver or gold bands do not cost a lot, while some go for creative options like wood, simpler metals like stainless steel or even tattooed rings. 

8. Get Sound Equipment From Home Or Borrow From Friends And Family

After the wedding, there is usually a reception that would treat guests for food and drink. It is usually accompanied by a sound system, so some people hire a DJ for it. However, it is not a practical choice, especially if you are going for a smaller ceremony. Most people do have some home sound systems, so you can try borrowing from your family. Sites like Spotify or Apple Music also have playlists made for such occasions, so you do not even have to make your own. 

9. Look For Students Who Can Do Photography And Live Music

If you want to have some live music instead, why not contact a local college or university? Some clubs offer music services, and most of them have instruments as well. These students are comparatively more affordable than professionals, and most of them still have training for it. You only need to make sure that they do sound good and treat them fairly. There are many incidents chronicled online of students who were hired for events but did not get paid enough, so don't be that person.

10. Supply The Bar Yourself

Lastly, weddings are supposed to have some alcohol for the adults since it is the custom unless your entire clan is not into it. However, most people like to have it because alcoholic drinks are a fun part of the celebration. In turn, some people like to hire bartenders to serve the guests. On the other hand, it is more affordable to stack the bar yourself and supply it with ready-to-drink options. Forget the cocktails; everyone can just get a bottle if they want some alcohol in their veins. 


As you can see, there are many ways that you can still have the wedding of your dreams without going over the budget. Even if you have some money, it would be best to invest it in something else instead rather than splurging on a one-day event. You can also just use it on your honeymoon to make that time even better for both of you. Marriage takes a lot of work, and weddings are just the start of it, so enjoy it while you are still able to do it.

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