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Choosing The Best Wedding Gift - Every Attendee's Guide

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Choosing The Best Wedding Gift - Every Attendee's Guide

There are many celebrations all year round that most of us take part in for various reasons. It is a part of many cultures all over the world; celebrated by the young and old. However, there are some celebrations which are deemed universal since it happens almost everywhere. For example, almost every culture has its version of birthdays and honoring people who have already passed on. There is also another one that is considered important in the concept of family formation: Marriage

To be clear, it is not a prerequisite for building a family since many did not rely on marriage to start their own. However, most people think of families as a unit composed of parents and children, and that thought has pervaded society for a long time. Marriage is seen as a first step because it is a legal binding between two people. Once it is done, it is a sign that you are ready to build your own family and help in adding more members to it as well. 

However, there are times wherein you might not be the one getting wed. Most of the time, you will end up as a guest at their wedding, and it is something to be excited about. After all, it is a celebration between two people who are so in love with each other that they want you to share it with them. It is great and all, but there are some concerns that you might encounter as a guest. One of the major ones is choosing the right gift for the couple.

There are so many ways that you can go around this concern that it can get confusing. After all, you are just a guest, so why should you even bother with a gift? First off, it is an important ceremony and being invited means that you are important to the couple. You can always opt out and not attend, but it will depend on the relationship between both parties. For this reason, we have prepared some tips to help you choose a gift for the lovebirds that would make it work. 

What You Need To Know

1. Analyze Your Connection With The Newlyweds

As we have mentioned prior, one of the things that you need to note during all of this is your connection with the couple. What was the reason why you were invited to this special day in their lives? It is going to influence your choices as to what you are going to get with them. Most of the time, you will end up spending more if you are close to them. Otherwise, you might end up not getting anything at all, especially if you are just a plus-one to the celebration.

 2.Take Your Budget Into Consideration

We all know that most of us are experiencing some problems in the modern world. With the global recessions going on, it is not easy to budget even your personal needs. If you were invited during these times, it is important to take a look into your own first. Remember, these events are usually optional unless there is a reason why you should be there (see entry 1). It depends on you if you want to for the more extravagant route, as long as you have the means to do it.

3. Look For Something More Personal If You Are Close To Them

If you are in a close relationship with one or both people about to be wed, then it is essential to find something that they would like. For example, the couple might have met because of similar interests like a favorite movie, series or games. You can choose a gift that would satisfy both of their interests and would be a good thing for them to have. It is a great gift, especially if it hits the spot regarding their likes, and you would not have to worry that they would not end up using it. 

4. Choose Something Practical If You Are Not Familiar With Them

Meanwhile, it is also great to choose something more practical for the couple, especially if you are not that familiar with them. Most of the time, people would choose smaller appliances like clothing, iron, blenders, or coffee makers for their gifts since it is a great addition at home. It is the same thing with kitchen tools like knife sets, plates or small cabinets. Gifting some of these items is a safer bet since you know that they would keep the items for their family. It is a great start for them as well since they do not need to buy these items anymore.

 5. Cash Works Most Of The Time

However, if you are still having trouble choosing something, then cash is also a good option. However, the real issue with this one is the right amount. Most couples tend to use this for the expenses related to the wedding, so you might end up giving them a lot more than the price of a gift. However, it is a good way to show appreciation for the pair as well since it would be a significant help to them. Most weddings are not the most affordable affairs, so even a little support goes a long way.

 6. Stay Away From Inappropriate Wedding Gifts

One of the more controversial ways that you can do at a wedding is the giving of inappropriate gifts. You may have done this before, especially if you are close to the person you are giving it to. Most of the time, it is often a sexual item, which is something that most adults would probably find funny. However, it is not the case all of the time since there are some couples or families who might deem it too scandalous. Unless you know that the pair is cool with it, try to not get these items as you don't want to be the source of discomfort on this important day. 

7. Always Remember The Thought Counts

If there is one thing that you should not forget when giving any kind of gift, though, it is the thought that always counts. You are giving them something wholeheartedly, and it is always going to be appreciated. As you can see, there seems to be no limit as to what you can give as long as it is appropriate for the occasion. Otherwise, almost anything is welcome and can be used by the couple on their new lives together. 

Gifting Etiquette After A Separation, Divorce Or Similar Situations

Unfortunately, there are times wherein the pair that was supposed to be wed did not go through with the ceremonies. Several factors can affect their decision to do so, and it is usually out of your control. You might have heard of couples who had to get a divorce a few days after their wedding due to irreconcilable differences. Others did not even go to the wedding at all and called it off before anything had begun. What can you do about it as a supposed guest? 

It depends on when you have given the gift to the celebrants. As most givers would send the gifts in advance, you may have already done that as well. Once it is already in their hands, then it is up to them if they are going to return the presents or not. Even if it would leave a bad taste to most gift-givers that theirs was not returned, there is already a lot of stress involved in a wedding. If it is cancelled, then the stress levels have only increased, and we do not know if they are even capable of thinking of what you have given. 

Whether you like it or not, you are already a part of the circle, including them. It is important to be sensitive, especially during these times. If the couple asked for privacy, then we should respect it. The gift was already given anyway, and it is their right to do whatever with it. 

However, it would be best if it was given back to you since the reason for its existence is already gone. You can try contacting them about it, but be respectful and try to not let it be the only topic of your conversations. 

Meanwhile, if the couple has divorced days or weeks after the ceremony, then you do not have anything against them. It is not a great look to ask for the gift back even if the marriage was not successful. On the other hand, it can make you look bad to everyone else as well. A gift given already belongs to the receiver, so it is better to accept that you cannot have it anymore. 

Even though you are the guest, it is critical to know what you need to do before, during and after the ceremony. The gifts that you have given symbolizes your relationship with the person, so it should be something good for the couple. It might not seem much, but to them, it would mean a lot since it comes from you. Don’t let the price bother you as long as you know you meant giving the present for their happiness.

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