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8 Wedding Themes That Will Blow You Away

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8 Wedding Themes That Will Blow You Away


It's the one day in your life where you get to feel like a princess (or a prince!), so you'd want a theme that fits your taste. But the classic church wedding has been done a million times over the centuries since the 12th century, to be exact! Maybe it's time to add a dash of individuality to the event, and what better way to show your creative side than to have a theme for your wedding?

Themes have been a running trend ever since the late 1900s, but it's the 20th century that introduced the many creative (and some out-of-this-world wedding themes) ideas for many couples to choose from. Not only will the theme reflect the couple's shared interest and personality, but it can give you some pretty memorable pictures to add to your album and show to your children. Here are eight unique wedding themes you can have when you finally say "I do"! 

1. Sakura/Cherry Blossom

The sakura (or known as cherry blossoms outside of the country) is Japan’s unofficial flower. We say unofficial because it may not be recognized in the country as the national flower, but it is one element that makes Japan widely know all around the world. This beautiful tree provides a beautiful color palette to work with, ranging from pure white to very dark pink. Sakura is a more feminine choice, so centering your decorations around softer pieces can turn out beautiful. 

This theme is a perfect choice for a springtime backdrop, additional points if the ceremony and reception are held under a big cherry blossom tree and is done on a day when the sakura is in full bloom. The sight of the petals softly falling as you say your vows will create a sense of magic and a rose-colored atmosphere around the area. To support this atmosphere, you'll have to keep your centerpieces simple and pretty, like a vase with a sakura branch, for example. 

Not only that but your food, chairs, and even champagne can be adjusted to fit this delicate pink theme. You can serve cherry blossom custom-made cookies for dessert, or even go full-on Japanese and serve mochi! If you’re feeling more Japanese, you can string paper lanterns and serve popular Japanese dishes. Whatever decision you take with this theme, we can only assure you it’ll turn out memorable for you and your guests. 

2. Fairytale

A more western-styled theme, Fairytale is one of the more common but versatile themes done today. With this, you can bend the theme to whichever Fairytale is your or your partner’s favorite. The most common story replicated into the wedding theme would be Cinderella, where the bride wears a ballgown with a wide-hoop, crystal-heeled, or rhinestone-studded shoes, a tiara, and a powder blue to sky blue color palette. 

If you like a classic note to your music, then this theme can work! Instead of modern music, you can play orchestra or piano-centered music to support the “ball-like” atmosphere of your reception. Your venue will turn out great if you’re able to book a grand ballroom and if your guest list is long. You can even get fancier with a carriage ride for your guests after the ceremony. 

However, other than storybook fairytales, this theme can be so much more. You have a variety of stories to choose from, like Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty, or go all-out faerie. You can wear a glamorous wedding gown and top it off with a tall crown and be Titania, queen of the fairies. As for the decorations, it’s in your discretion if you go all-out woodsy or forest theme, or go for glitter and lux! 

3. Shabby Chic 

One thing to remember about shabby chic is its central worn-ness and antique themes. However, it doesn't mean your chairs or decor should be old but retain a grace that only antiques have throughout the years. This means pieces with a used feel to them as well as feminine qualities, like a small tin watering used as a vase to hold roses or silverware dating from years and years ago. 

The two words you need to remember with a shabby chic theme are minimalism and chic, which is what separates it from the common vintage theme. Whilst the latter is more general and masculine most of the time, the latter has a feminine touch to it, such as a soft color palette like rose gold and pink. You can even put vintage tablecloths and linen and have softly lowing candles all around the venue. 

This theme can also be seen as cottage-core, a term for an aesthetic focusing more on the romantic, simple way of living in rural countrysides, which sometimes entail dried flowers, homemade drinks, pies, and other homely food. The bride and bridesmaids can all wear wreaths woven from wildflowers. 

4. Beach 

For those wishing to feel the ocean breeze during their special day, a beach wedding or theme can be a perfect choice for you. This one has a color palette of commonly blue to blue-green, sometimes sprinkled with happy pastel colors, like pink and yellow. Couples often choose this theme because, just like cottagecore, it has a laid-back atmosphere absent from most modern-themed, classic weddings. 

Here, the bride can wear an unrestrictive, flowy gown, and the guests can have casual get-ups and even wear sandals. Depending on your location, a beach theme can be done entirely by the beach (which is a great experience) or in a venue that replicates the background. However, we encourage the former, as having the sand, the smell of the sea, and a blue sky above everyone wraps up the theme like a pretty bow. You can even recite vows behind a beautiful sunset. 

However, as wonderful as this theme is, it does need a bit of planning. For one, the best season for this day to take place is during summer, and the weather should be checked ahead of time. We don’t want a sudden rain shower to ruin the beautiful decorations and everyone’s make-up! Other than that, the tide schedule, facilities, and a backup venue should be made ready if ever things go awry. 

5. The Great Gatsby

If you and your partner are into more of a lively party as well as the finer things in life, then replicating The Great Gatsby’s iconic parties is a to-go theme for you. The roaring 20s isn’t easy to recreate, but with a little glitter, deliberate hairstyles, and tight suits, you’ll soon find yourself lost in champagne and live jazz music if you aren’t careful! 

For decors and props, find some gold, silver, and metallic black props. You can make use of balloons, confetti, ribbons, and even glitter to throw if you like taking risks. Make sure you have ivory cutlery and lots of champagne glasses to go around for that feeling of extravagance. Don’t forget to top it all off with rows and rows of pearls around your neck, white feathers or headbands on you and your bridesmaid’s hair, and fringed gowns with lots and lots of beads! 

As for your getaway car, nothing will do but a sleek black limo to drive away in style! However, if there’s a vintage truck you can rent for the day, that’s even a better show of 1920’s elegance and exorbitance. 

6. Victorian Gothic Style

One of the more controversial themes, victorian gothic, is a mix of vintage and black colors. It can cast an atmosphere that can intimidate your guests if the theme is not announced before. This can be accounted to the gloomy color palette that can range from maroon to dark red to pitch-dark black. Even you, as the bride, can finally pair the color of your gown with your groom's tux! 

However, this theme is far from unwanted. Victorian gothic casts an ambiance of cool elegance, as vintage gives the theme its classic feel, while gothic gives a unique punch in the form of fake skulls, black goblets to sip in, a deliberately poorly lit venue with heavy reliance on candles, and lastly (if possible) a pipe organ where music can be played in. Rest assured, you'll feel like Morticia Adams or Vampira, as the queens they are. 

7. Winter Wonderland

One of the other more common themes, winter wonderland, has been used for many parties back in the late 1900s and early 2000s. It has been the theme for many proms, corporate events, and even class reunions, and good reason! Who wouldn't want to dive into a world of crystals, falling snow, and twinkling stars? With a palette ranging from pure white to deep blue, winter wonderland will welcome you into a cold atmosphere to warm your heart! 

8. Country/Barn

Back to a more realistic and grounded theme, the country theme is commonly done by couples living in the countrysides. Those with barns even make use of the large space for the reception to take place. Usually, these have color palettes ranging from colors red, orange, blue, and white to more earthly colors, such as brown, black, and mauve. The best part of this theme is the bride wearing their brown boots under the gowns instead of a pair of heels.

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